Anki desktop unable to sync after a laptop system reinstalling

At the end of last month, a hard disk broke on my laptop. I changed it to reinstall the system and Anki desktop as well, just to find sync failed, with the error message attached. My version is anki-2.1.35-windows

It could be something on your machine blocking you: Error establishing a secure connection when syncing - Frequently Asked Questions

Or you may be blocked by your local area, and need to use a proxy/VPN to connect: Syncing with AnkiWeb - Anki Manual


Hi Damien, thanks for your help. I’ve read both links your provided and realized it’s caused by the network. Unfortunately I have no idea of what to do. I expected the problem go away itself yesterday, but it sounds like impossible.

Hello Damien, could you please help check this error message? I reinstalled Anki2.1.19 and open it, just to find it different from the above message. Are they caused by the same network problem? Thank you in advance!

That error is because you downgraded:

I’m afraid this is difficult to diagnose remotely; your best bet is to experiment. If you’re using a proxy, checking your settings are correct may help; if you’re not, trying with a VPN or on a different network connection may help.

Thank you, Damien. I do use a VPN, but the problem persists with or without it. I will try what you suggested. Hopefully, the problem will go away on its own.