Anki is not syncing


My Anki is with a serious problem with synchronization, this error message is appearing to me all the time when i’m going to sync, checking database apparently doesn’t work, i do it a lot of times and anki still doesn’t sync, apparently the only thing working is to wait, from times to times, Anki suddenly allows me to sync. I don’t know how to do this forced full sync in preferences screen that is mentioned in the errow window. If anyone knows how to solve this, please, help me.

Go to Tools > Preferences, select the Network tab, check the option labaled On next sync, force changes in one direction, and sync again.



Thank you, ANH25. I did it and it solved the problem now, tomorrow throughout the day i will see if this synchronization problem will persist or if this forced sync will solve the problem definitely :smiley:

Apparently it really solved the problem, thank you ANH25 :slight_smile: