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Pls help me, I can't log in to anki on PC (anki version is 2.1.44)

I just purchased anki from apple store, and now I wanna log in to my anki account on PC, but every time when I try to log in this error message popped up every time. Please help me.
anki version is 2.1.44

and now here’s another error message

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Thank you. I checked my new laptop, there’s no any antivirus program and vpn. And after I close the firewalls. Here’s another error message :joy:

Those errors are typically issues with the local machine. Are you using the standard Windows firewall, or some other software? Are you using a proxy?

This is my new laptop , and i didn’t change any settings of it. I think it’s standard windows firewalls. I didn’t use proxy.

Anyone can helping me?:sob:

Maybe syncing on a different wifi network or using your cell phone as a hot spot will help? If the problem exists on multiple networks, it points even more strongly to it being some issue with your machine’s configuration.