Empty cards: Keep notes with no valid cards

When I run “blank cards”, I can tick on or off "Keep notes with no valid cards.

I don’t understand exactly what this means or causes.

I searched the forum and the manual, but what I found was contradictory or not clear enough for me.

What exactly happens when I put it on or off, in case I still have regular clozes for the note or in case I otherwise have no more regular clozes for the note?


This feature keeps e.g. notes without content but tags. It keeps a cloze type note which has some content but no cloze.



I’m still hesitating to try it.

Does it for sure only affect the notes of the shown empty cards?

What do you mean by “notes without content”? Notes without set clozes? Then why should one keep completely empty notes?

Have you tried it? How are the notes’ tag afterwards?

Sorry for the many questions. Maybe I should export/import some cloze notes into a save collection and try it there.


Okay, I’ve tested it in a different deck.

Affected are only the shown cards.

If you let it ticked, it keeps the respective card and it’s content and when you review it, you get the hint, that "it is a cloze card with a missing cloze. But there will be no “tag”. - And of course it keeps other cloze cards of the same note.

If you unable the tick, the respective card will get deleted. If there isn’t any working cloze card left, the note itself will get completely with its last card.

So, it seems helpful, when you created cards without clozes in a cloze deck and you will set the clozes for example, when reviewing it and therefore not delete notes without any set cloze.

But if you only change/eliminate some clozes when reviewing and don’t want have unfunctional cards left, it is best to untick the option.