Deleting empty cards does not work

I noticed that Tools → Empty Cards does not find (and delete) empty cards anymore (2.1.28 and 2.1.29).

For example, if I create a new cloze deletion note with text “{{c1::X}} {{c2::Y}}”, I’ll end up with a note with two cards. If I then change the text to “{{c1::X}}” and run Tools → Empty Cards, I would have expected the info that card 2 is empty and can be deleted. This used to work prior to 2.1.28 but not anymore.

In the changelog I’ve seen that there were some changes in terms of card creation and deletion. Is this still the recommended way of getting rid of such empty cards? Is it a bug?

Works for me?

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.03.47 am Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 10.04.02 am


You’re right, it’s no problem with Anki. I tracked the problem down to an add-on.

Thank you for your help!

Which add-on is it, for our information?
I certainly have the problem too, cf screenshot. The weird part is that if I choose “delete”, it does show the “Deleted 1 card” notification.

Which add-on is it, for our information?

I can’t tell exactly because I deleted the add-on and I don’t really miss it. I think it was If a note has no more card, warns instead of deleting it.

I disabled all add-ons, tested the Empty Cards feature and piece by piece enabled the add-ons again checking the empty cards. (Don’t forget to restart.)

I had the same issue (with the empty window) after I turned too many cards into empty cards, I suspect (I created more than 8000 empty cards at once).
Luckily I could delete them “blindly”, and afterwards (when I turned only a few more cards into empty ones) the window started working again and showed me the empty cards.
(This is Anki 2.1.49 on Mac)

If the issue was caused by there being too many items to display, that has likely been fixed in Changes in 2.1.50 - Anki Betas