Bug Report: Empty cards are not recognized

I noticed a bug with the new Empty Card recognition ever since v2.1.28.
I uploaded an example deck, which triggers this error: https://gofile.io/d/SdQpd4
How I replicate this error:

  1. I import the deck.
  2. I open the deck (called Debug) go through all six cards (once as new or even twice as new learning cards)
  3. I choose “Tools > Empty Cards”
  4. I get a notification for no empty cards

Why I’m pretty sure it’s Anki itself, and no add-on: it’s even on mobile, which I heard uses the same Rust backend, which does the checking.

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That behaviour is intended. Please see 2.1.28 change log:
Card generation changes:

  • Card generation now supports negated conditionals, and a mix of required and optional fields.
  • When adding/importing, if a normal note doesn’t generate any cards, Anki will now add a blank card 1 instead of refusing to add the note.
  • Please bear in mind that if you take advantage of these features, older Anki clients may report the cards are blank, or try to clean them up when you use the Empty Cards feature.
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Hm, however it says:

The front of this card is blank.
More information

I always thought that this is a guarantee, that the card is counted as an “Empty Card”?
However, I see that this assumption might be wrong, I might have to review the card generation rules…

EDIT: I checked the FAQ, and I still think this constitutes a bug.

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It’s caused by the <br> in the field, which Anki was inconsistently ignoring. Thanks for the report, the next beta will fix this.