Delete single instances of empty cards in browser

I have a lot of empty cards:

Most of them are empty because I haven’t added cloze yet. They are not in the learning process, I need to edit them. They were imported.

But some of them were done badly and I had cloze 2, cloze 3. So I want to delete cloze 2, cloze 3. But I cannot do it automatically until I use “Empty cards” option. But this will delete all empty cards. I cannot do it now. I need to wait until all empty cards are edited and only the bad ones remain as empty in order to delete them.

As empty cards are listed with a link that shows them in browser it would be great to be able to click on them and have in right clock menu an option to delete unwanted cloze 2, cloze 3 cards, leaving cloze 1.

Alternative way would be to have sort of selection option in “Empty cards” dialog, for example mark all, mark single cards (= delete single cards).

In your screenshot, you have the option Keep notes with no valid cards checked, so you won’t actually lose any data, if that is your concern. In fact, not even the cards will be deleted if the related notes have only one.


My understanding is that when this option is unchecked it will delete all listed cards. Correct?

Yes, and, more importantly, all notes which don’t have any unempty cards.