Duplicates different schedule

Hello guys. I have a problem in Anki I can’t solve. Hope you can help me. The problem is that anki creates more than one same card when I submit. I’ve been told that is normal but the problem is that when I study them, they show me in different cards and then get scheduled for different days as you can see. Hope someone can help me! I’m quite desperate

If you’re creating multiple clozes with different cloze numbers, then that’s the expected behavior; Anki creates a card for each separate cloze number, and you study each card separately.
This’s better for retention, since each card asks you to recall just one item.

If you want just one card for all clozes in a certain note, then you can use the same number (c1) for all clozes; that way, only one card will be generated.

From the manual:

You can also elide multiple sections on the same card. In the above example, if you change c2 to c1, only one card would be created, with both Canberra and 1913 hidden. If you hold down alt (option on a Mac) while creating a cloze, Anki will automatically use the same number instead of incrementing it.

I recommend having a look into the following pages in the manual for better understanding:

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Abdo thanks for your help. II use the same c1:: in all cloze as I read. the problem was that when I was studying them, the first card showrd correctly and then the others showed as empty cards. Then I would edit them while I was studying and changing one of the “c1::” to “c5::” for example as in the image and then the card would show. THe problem was that this way I would have multiple same cards. The other way (same c1::), anki would create 1 card that showed normally and then all others emptied. What can I do?

Use Tools > Empty cards to remove empty cards after editing the note to use only c1.
This way, you will be shown just one card for all the clozes.

@luismigvg To clarify more, when you change the cloze Number, Anki Deletes the old card. But it is not deleted form database – that is why you see an empty card. That is a drawback of changing the cloze number - you have to go thru the EMPTY process.
Tip: plan ahead – when making the same Number Cloze card, use shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C.