Multiple cloze cards not appearing while studying

All of my decks have the same problem:

When I study them, out of multiple cloze deletions (in 1 card) only first one appears during studying.

As seen in the picture, only “cloze 1” is appearing while I study and the following 4 cards do not appear (it just jumps to the next topic). I blame it on the fact that all of them have the same due number on the right (as seen in the screenshot).

I can fix the problem by manually changing the due number for each card, but it is very time-consuming. I have about 15000 cards and I definitely can’t waste time to manually fix all of them.

I tried marking the whole deck and then rescheduling and/or repositioning but these kind of cards still have the same due number.

I would be grateful if anybody could show me the way to quickly fix this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Please see