Multiple cloze cards don't appear in random order

Hello everybody.

I just want to get this out first: I love Anki! What an amazing project. It has helped me so much already to be a lifelong learner, and I know it will keep helping me continually.

I have an issue to do with cloze cards containing multiple clozes. They don’t seem to appear in a random order. I have an example here:

In this picture we can see that all the cards are in the same position once created: #New 2008.

This leads to the following behavior:

[There’s supposed to be a fourth image here but the forum rules prevent me from including more than five images]

To illustrate with an example, say I have a deck containing A B C D E F 1 2 3 4, where ABCDEF would be other cards and 1234 would be the cloze card with their specific index. They usually appear something like this in a practice session: D B F 1 A E C 2 3 4. The first cloze seems to be put somehwre randomly inside the practice session while the last three are bundled up, perfectly in order. This makes it more difficult to truly learn using the cloze cards, since their behavior is so predictable.

Is there a way to randomize when they decide to pop in and say hi?

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I think it works like this:
Say you have notes A, B, C and cards A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, C1. Now Anki doesn’t actually shuffle the cards, but the notes, say the new order is B, C, A. But the note order is only the second criterion for the card order. The first one is the card index.
Consequently, the cards will be shown in the following order: B1, C1, A1, B2, A2, A3.

This doesn’t matter when notes only have one card, but unfortunately it’s far from random in a case like yours.

There is, however, one way to get around this: Filtered decks don’t respect the card index. Maybe this is an option for you.


Thank you for your reply!

That makes sense.

I think the solution I just have to live with is to try to have a large pool of cards that I’m reviewing at a time, thus improving my chances of them spreading out evenly.