Show new cloze deletion cards in order the note was added and based on the card position within the note


I’d like to see new cloze deletion cards in the order the note was added and based on the card position (1, 2, 3…) within the note, because the consecutive cloze deletions cards on a note build upon each other. I know there is the deck option to sort new cards in order added and randomly respectively. However this option assigns the same due number to all new cards of a given note. That’s why I use the following add on, which allows to set consecutive due numbers for new cards on the same note, based on the card position: Choose in which order you see new cards - AnkiWeb (with the parameters “note creation”, “card position”).

Anki usually adheres to the due numbers set by this add on, however sometimes cards are skipped (e.g. with next new cards having numbers 1334, 1335, 1336 etc., Anki would sometimes show 1136 before 1334 and 1335). Interestingly, if I interrupt studies, go back to the deck overview and select the deck again, Anki will then show the correct (next) new card. As this “workaround” is a bit tedious if done multiple times per learning session I was wondering whether this is a known issues and whether this could be fixed, eventually even with existing Anki functionality.

Thank you for your support and your hard work on Anki!

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Hi Marc,

I’m guessing some action you’re performing causes the head of the pending queue to be discarded. I’m currently reworking the queueing code, and there’s a good chance this will be indirectly fixed as part of that work.

That said, would you mind elaborating a bit on your use case? Introducing all cloze cards of a note immediately after one another does not seem ideal to me, as you’re inadvertently seeing the answer to the next card when you review the current one, making the subsequent answers too easy. And if you’ve made cards that depend on a particular order to be answered, that initial ordering will not apply once cards are no longer new.

Hi Damian,

Thanks for the update regarding the queueing code.

I’m experimenting with a rather special use case, which is adding complete exams into Anki, where multiple questions are to be answered related to a specific starting situation (in the area of tax law). Some of the questions build upon each other, that’s why I’d like to see new cloze cards immediately after each other in the first run but not later in the learning and review phase, that’s fine. The cloze deletion card type which is part of the Butler-Addon - AnkiWeb allows to hide text which is not part of the current cloze, i.e. you can hide answers to the next card(s).

On a separate note, Anki has sometimes troubles to identify the end of a (multiline) cloze. Workaround is to use only line breaks (br) and no section breaks (/div) within the cloze.

Appreciate you elaborating. The latest beta version uses br tags by default thanks to Henrik, so you might want to give that a go.