How to: Cloze deletion in successive order?

Hi. This is my 1st post here.

I want to create a type of a Cloze Deletion card which shows two or more close deletions in SUCCESSIVE ORDER in the same card.

I DO NOT want it to show the multiple cloze deletions of a note at same time;
and I DO NOT want Anki to generate multiple cloze deletion cards out of one note.

It’s difficult to explain so I’ll be detailed, hope it makes sense.

For example, I’m studying Japanese words written in Kanji.
So for this deck I want Anki to show me each card with a Kanji word on top, then if I hit SHOW ANSWER, it’d show its HIRAGANA reading first, then if I hit SHOW ANSWER AGAIN it’d show its English translation next.
I.e.:one card showing two close deletions in a successive order.

Here’s how I want Anki to show the following content:
Kanji word = 完成
The above word in Hiragana = かんせい
Translation of the word = to complete

So I want Anki to show me the above IN ONE card like this:


Then if I hit SHOW ANSWER it’d give me only the first cloze deletion:


Then if I hit SHOW ANSWER again, it’d show the next cloze deletion keeping the previous cloze deletion:

to complete

How can I do this?

I tried Cloze Overlapper addon but it doesnt let me do the above. Please help.

Incremental reveal of clozes of the same index (i.e. clozes of one card) seems to be what you’re looking for.

You can achieve this with some simple JavaScript, like @ruin1990 did in this template:


Hi. It took me a while to wrap my head around it but I think now I’ve understood.

All I have to do is to “Cloze deletion (same card)” the two elements I want and then use the TAB to show them successively.

Am I using it correctly?

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