Cloze text problem

When I use Cloze text, only the first part hidden is shown. How can I fix this please ?
I mean when I click on next, the first c1 is shown but the others c2-3 etc are already visible


This is how cloze deletions are supposed to work. See the manual for more details.


So It mean I can’t have multiple cloze text in one card ?

You can. The clozes need to share the same index though:

This {{c1::cloze}} and this {{c1::cloze}} will be hidden on card 1.
These {{c2::two}} {{c2::clozes}} will be hidden on card 2.

To create clozes with the same index, use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C.

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Ok I see but I want to show one part after one part in one card. Like when I press next, It show one word but the next are still hidden till I don’t press next and this for each words, is it possible ?


Not without a custom notetype.

This one offers exactly what you need: ClozeAdv ( Cloze Advance ) - AnkiWeb

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Ok I will give it a try, thanks for your help !