Using clozes (c1) several times but only the first show up?


I want to make flashcards with several clozes on the same card (want to rewiev several questions at the same time).
Therefore when i have included to clozes, I changed all the numbers to c1 instead of 2,3,4…as I understand that these would then be shown on other cards.

But! Only the first close shows. First sentence and the close with answer, but none of the text or clozes after. I have watched numerous videos and everyone just change the cloze number to 1, but not helping for me. And then I suspected i might need the add on “multiple cloze single card” or something like that, but I cant find this one anywhere. Please help?

Also, I am right when i write that if ou put in several clozes with different numbers, they will end up on several cards?

You are missing a second } at the end of the second cloze deletion.


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