Prevent to get spoiled by sibling cards

Hey does anybody know how to force anki to show sibling cards (due) only in the logical order. For example I have a note (cloze) with 4 elements (c1 c2 …). The repetition of today are the elements c1 and c4. My goal is that anki shows me c1 always before c4 - without to change the overall order (so I will keep the order by due (overall) but without being spoiled by the siblings)

I’m not really familiar with cloze but is it possible to create a filtered deck for each type of cloze insertion? This way you could do what you want manually by first filtering for c1, then c2 and so forth.

Yep, a filtered deck with the search term "card:Cloze" AND "card:1" AND "is:due" will give you all Cloze 1 cards that are due today. You’ll have to rebuild the filtered decks everday, is all

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I seem to remember @glutanimate wrote an add-on that presents a list of answers in sequence from the same card. I think that’s called “progressive disclosure” - or something equally imposing.