Cloze appearing in random order

For eg I set 7 closes in one paragraph and then make its filtered deck.

However in filtered deck mode, it will show C7 first then C3 instead of chronological order C1 C2 C3 so on.

Pls help
Like in this order (see below)

Screenshot 2020-12-07 at 4.15.26 PM

@dae @guillempalausalva pls guide, its very frustrating. Happening since I have update version 2.1.35 on desktop version

what options and filters are you using for the filtered deck?

Thanks bro.
I am using the “order added” option and filtering them as per the tag with rescheduling option ON

That’s curious because I remember a discussion on this forum where someone wanted to randomise the order of new cards of the same note but the conclusion was that Anki doesn’t support that.
Are you using any add-ons?

Yes, the 40 addons by anking. Should I uninstall them? Or there is problem in 2.1.35 itself? Thanks

Generally, add-ons are far more flaky than Anki itself. So it’s always worth it to ascertain that the bug isn’t caused by one of them first. You don’t have to uninstall them, though. Disabling is enough for troubleshooting.


Thanks man! Will do

I’ll appreciate if you can share which add-on is causing that issue this when you find the culprit.

Assuming you’ve ruled out add-ons as the cause, I’d check what sort order you have set for the filtered deck.

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