Not fun effect if you by mistake add a note to a filtered deck

I added by mistake a note (Cloze) to a filtered deck. Even after removing it, if I add new notes to the same right deck (not filtered), they are still assigned to the filtered deck. Even after again moving them to the right deck they are not shown in the filtered deck as well.

My workaround was to delete the filtered decks and re-create them. 2.1.41 AnkiApp/Mac.

Maybe you had Deck Override set to the filtered deck? Cards are being placed in the "Default" deck - Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t check the filtered decks as I deleted those and re-created to get rid of this issue. BTW I use for any note creations and always try to do it inside the deck so it routes it automatically to the current deck. Hence why that happened by mistake so the filtered decks got cards and causes a strange situations where those cards could not be properly moved via Browser to right deck – and even when done they were lost from the decks studied.

I can’t seem to reproduce this with browser override - the cards don’t get placed into a filtered deck if one was selected. If the issue crops up again, please let me know the steps I can use to reproduce it using your AnkiWeb collection.

OK, thx, I will try to repro with a small library in case that isolates the case and send that over as well.