General questions about Anki

Hi, I really need help with a few things while using the anki app:

1- Closing different places in a sentence in sequence:
There are 3 separate answers here, and I want to see them in order. (If I do it as c1,c2,c3, I can see the answers of the other two. However, I want the other answer to open every time I press “show answer” without seeing any answers). How can i do?

2- I want my cards to be randomly shuffled. How can I get it mixed up without always asking in the same order?

3- I have only 2 days until my exam and I want to study a deck I created for hours (again and again). But when I finish the deck, it doesn’t start again. How can I work by rewinding the same deck over and over (So I want the deck to never end)?

4- I made a change to a card I made before and it gave the error “no cloze found on card”. No cloze found on card / Problems / Knowledge Base - AnkiMobile/AnkiWeb Support I read this page but I couldn’t quite understand what to do. Can you explain a little more specifically?

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By default, Anki will only hide the active cloze, which is the one you’re being questioned about. If you prefer all clozes to be hidden, then you’ll probably need an add-on to do so.

You can tweak the display order in the deck options:


Take a look at Filtered Decks - Anki Manual

You’ve probably modified some important syntax in the card template.

By default, there should be in your “Front Template” {{cloze:Text}} and in your “Back Template” {{cloze:Text}} {{Back Extra}}.


Hi, thanks for the answer. The main problem is my english is not very good, i am still learning english. So I didn’t fully understand what you said, Casartelli :frowning:
1- Which add-on do i need?
2- image
Is that right place? I didn’t find “Display Order” screen :frowning:
3-I didn’t quite understand the “custom study” option that would allow me to repeat the deck here. There are too many options here and I don’t understand which one means “repeat the deck as many times as you want”
4- I got it! Thanks!!

This will randomize the order new cards will appear in when you create new cards. You can also use the command “Randomize” (Browser > Select New Cards > Reposition > Randomize order" if your cards are already created.

You can create a filtered deck, and after study all the cards, just click on the deck name > Rebuild to study it again.

Once you finish your exam, I’ll recommend you reading the manual, it can take a little bit, but it’s the best thing you can do if you really want to get the most out of the program :grinning:

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Thank for the answer, I think I managed. I have one last question, Example:
Here, when I press “show answer”, I want the answer to light up in red. How can I do it?
What i want:

I don’t see a practical way of achieving that without using an add-on or some Javascript.

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