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How to have certain cards show up in a fixed order (A-B-C...) when reviewing?

does anyone know if it is possible in ANKI to display card B only if card A was displayed before (in the same session) and was also answered correctly? Then card C, for example, should only be queried after card B was answered correctly before (in the same session). Is it possible to have certain related cards displayed in that kind of a fixed order when reviewing a deck? Thank you in advance for your answers.

Check out this this post specifically, and the whole thread too. You should find something you want there.
Though these are not individual cards that will be reviewed in sequence, per se, but rather a note type that allows a card to contain multiple questions that will be asked, and their answers revealed, sequentially.
This is an updated link.
Like @shallash said, you can use it like this:
Put a b c notes in one note and if you fail in one of the 3 questions press again, if you need the related cards to be a cloze notetype notes there a workaround for it by writing JavaScript code to hide a note clozes with alternative cloze brackets ((c1::)) and link the revealing of them by pressing the next button question that have another ((c1::)) that get revealed by pressing another button… Etc.

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