Can't see all clozes in new card pile

I’ve been doing the Milesdown deck for the MCAT and I’ve noticed that the clozes c2, c3, c4, etc. haven’t been showing up in my new cards. I have gotten through the entire deck but only the c1 on most cards since that is all it will show me. I thought the other ones would start showing up by now, but they only show up if I edit the card. Is there a way to make them all start showing up in my new cards without going through and editing every card? I hope this makes sense. I can’t really include images since there’s nothing there. I have tried unchecking the “bury new siblings” and “bury review siblings”, but it doesn’t seem to have helped at all.

You have burying enabled in the deck preset used by your subdecks.

I already turned off burying in the subdeck options

Please check again, as it’s showing as on in your AnkiWeb collection.

I was changing it in the wrong deck. I think that worked. Thank you!

I thought it was fixed, but it still seems that it is only showing me new cards that I have previously edited. I had new cards yesterday, all of which I had edited before, and don’t have any new cards today.

Editing does not affect scheduling. If you search for is:new in the browse screen, you’ll see how many new cards you have and which deck they are located in. One of your decks has a limit on new cards, which perhaps you reached.