Double-siding: Which part am I doing wrongly?

I could have sworn that these were the correct instructions, but they are not getting the desired effect. Could someone please tell me which part I am not doing correctly?

I have a deck which has some double-sided cards and some single-sided. It is possible that I programmed the deck a while back using ‘Basic’ before I noticed it should have been ‘basic and reversed card’. To correct this, I entered ‘Browse’, selected the entire deck (CTRL + A) after clicking on one item, went to ‘Notes’, ‘Change note type’ and selected ‘Basic and reversed card’. It says ‘no changes to save’.

However, after going through everything in ‘Custom study’, when it allows me to ‘unbury’, it is only a small proportion of the cards that appear. The deck has already been switched to ‘forget’ so that no orange marks appear in ‘Browse’.

Which part am I not doing correctly? Everything seems to be by the book.

So you want all your cards to be “Basic (and reversed card)” but some of them are still Basic?

In the sidebar filter on the left-hand-side, click on “Note Types” and then click on Basic. That will display all your Basic notes.

You can select all of them using Edit / Select All from the menu. Then, right-clicking (right mouse button) anywhere within that list of selected items, select “Change Note Type…” from the pop-up menu (you might need to look in the Notes submenu, if applicable).

That will open up the Change Notetype dialog box.

Select “Basic (and reversed card)” in the drop-down menu at the top. The corresponding fields should match the identically named fields of the original type, so after a quick verification you could just click the Save button, but before you do so, note the paragraph below.

Changing the note type in this way will require a full one-way sync to AnkiWeb. So if you have any unsaved changes on another device such as a phone, make sure you sync those before proceeding.

After clicking Save and then Sync, select “Upload” as the one-way syncing method. On all your other devices, if any, select “Download” on the next sync.

That means you were changing them from a note type to the same note type.

It is possible that these notes are already using a type called “Basic and reversed card” – but is has been altered to remove the reversed template. In that case your fastest fix is to rename their current note type (to something like “MissingCard”). Add a new note type based on the original default type – choose Add: Basic (and reversed card). And then Change Note Type to that one, and you can delete the “MissingCard” type so you don’t accidentally use it again.

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