Don't ask for Profile upon startup every time


I have recently activated a second profile for Anki Desktop.
What I find annoying is that since I now have more than one profile, every time I start the application, I have to select a profile to start with.

What I would like it to do instead is to always load the previously active profile by default. If I want to switch profiles I can do so manually.
The behaviour could also be controlled from Preferences.

Is this the right place to suggest improvements to Anki Desktop?
Are any of the devs here?


Just in case, Anki has a startup option -p to bypass the profile selection window.

If you have multiple profiles, you can pass -p <name> to load a specific profile.

If you’re on Windows, it can be added by modifing your Anki shortcut, or creating a new one, the same way as a custom folder location.

If you always want to use a custom folder location, you can modify your shortcut to Anki. On Windows, right-click on the shortcut, choose Properties, select the Shortcut tab, and add “-b \path\to\data\folder” after the path to the program, which should leave you with something like

"C:\Program Files\Anki\anki.exe" -b "C:\AnkiDataFolder"


That’s a good tip for a start, thanks.

However, I think this behaviour can be easily made more user friendly and smarter.

Why not simply start Anki with the previously loaded profile by default? Many systems use this concept, e.g. Google.
And if one wanted to change profile, just hit a Logout button/menu entry. Next time the system (Anki) would ask about the profile.

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I’m bumping this, because it says exactly what I was about to say.

So, is this feature implemented yet?

(I understand it’s easy enough to start Anki from the CLI passing -p <profile>, or to change the anki.desktop file or equivalent the same way (and in an attempt to make this a little general, name the profile default…); but still these are workarounds.)

I’d like this feature as well. It could always be a config option (potentially in Anki->Preferences->Basic?).

I’d be happy to add this feature, although I’m a bit busy It’ll have to wait a week.

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@dae Is there any global config settings / preferences, across all profiles?

The only config settings / preferences I can see at the moment are unique to each profile, the only way this feature could work is if the last loaded profile is stored globally. Any Ideas?


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Thanks Rumo.