Using a "default" profile: symlink to another profile directory

I would like to ask for this feature too:

Meanwhile, if that is not possible yet, I’m changing my anki.desktop file to do Exec=anki -p default. I’m using the generic default so that I don’t need to remember to update this file.

What I have done:

  1. I have an existing profile called sockdolager.
  2. Create (in the base directory) a symlink default to sockdolager.
  3. Start Anki, in the profile manger add a new profile called default, then Quit.
  4. Now I can run anki -p default (or click the desktop icon) to start with the profile the symlink points to (i.e. sockdolager). In the future, I can change the startup profile simply by changing the target of the symlink.

My question: Is there any potential problem with this approach? I want to be sure my files don’t become corrupted or anything. Thanks.

(One difference (:woman_shrugging:) I notice is when run with anki -p default, the window dimensions/locations are reset, forgetting those remembered from running anki -p sockdolager. Methinks the window geometries are stored, per profile, in prefs21.db: mainWindowGeom, e.g.)

Update: Welp. I can’t sync either, because, I think, it’s part of the profile preferences, which are stored in prefs.db/prefs21.db under the profile name. :weary:

I suppose this hack just doesn’t work. I can either rename the real profile to default, or be met with the profile chooser every time; or, move the less frequently used profiles to a different base directory–yes, I’ll do this, I think. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Why not simply overwriting the desktop entry when you want to change profile?

Because I want to forget about it. I dislike the idea of the .desktop file containing a special profile name. OCD, I know. Hence all the unnecessary trouble :upside_down_face:

Update: and here comes the real solution:

Thanks sam :smiley: