How to re-enable the profile picker box when starting up Anki?

Hey guys, I know this is a strange request, normally people would want to go straight into their default profile. But I have two students who share a laptop and I want them to choose the right profile when opening up Anki.

The newest Anki version (2.1.66) disabled this. I looked but there’s only guide to turn it off, no guide to turn it on.

Anyone has any idea? Thank you.

If you pass -p some-fake-name, Anki will show the profile screen on startup. If no profile is provided, the last-used profile is loaded.


thank you for replying!

I posted this on Reddit too and u/ssnoyes on Reddit showed me a similar (but more ideal imo) way:

create two shortcuts. Modify their properties and put -p YourProfile at the end of each target.
if your profile name has a space in between, it should be -p "Your Profile"

so now my students can just click on their own shortcut and get their correct profile open

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