Problem with newest version of Anki 2.1.63

Hi I’ve just downloaded Anki 2.1.63.
When it opens it goes directly to the last Profile. I have several profiles all of them have huge amounts of date in them. Some 30g +. This means it takes ages to shut down and reopen (often I choose force quit to close because of this). Now that I cannot select the profile to open I have to wait for a long time to change profiles. What can I do? I there a way to change this so that Anki lets me decide what profile to open when opening Anki?

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This plugin is customized for you!!

Recent Anki versions allow you to pass in -p nonexistent_profile_name to open to the profile selection screen.

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So how do I get to the profile selection screen before it’s opened?

Thanks!!! Why did they take this away in newer versions? Should at least have something in the preferences for this to be normal.

This may not be a useful feature for most users
(Perhaps that is why the plugin has not yet been rated on the plugins page :slight_smile: If you enjoy it, you should rate it. That the author of the plugin will see that it is worth continuing to support it)

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