Open with profiles to start

Is there a way in the new versions to make it so it opens to select profiles at the start like it used to? Or is that not possible any more?

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There’s no option to toggle this behavior at the moment.

Any possibility of that getting added to the preferences or something? I realize I’m a very small minority that’s using multiple profiles frequently

edit: even a manual change in the config or something would be fine. Doesn’t need to be user-facing

Happy to accept a PR that adds such a feature, optionally with a checkbox in the preferences.

The command line options anki --profile "profilename" or anki -p "profilename" still work in the new version (I’m on Linux v2.1.58). You could add this option to the exe shortcut in Windows or to the anki.desktop file in Linux. I don’t know how it’s done in macos though.

I thought about this. @dae is there a way to open the profile screen from command line?

Nope, but extending that argument to accept something like --profile ask to show that screen is one possible way such an option could be exposed.


Maybe if an unknown profile is specified, Anki should show the profile manager instead of exiting? That’s what I’ve stumbled across in the past.

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I like this idea

Yep, seems like a reasonable solution

For now, you can make several shortcuts with the --profile option, each launching a different profile.

I make a lot of profiles for testing and this unfortunately doesn’t work well for that

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