Do you know how to easily create a deck of hundreds of image cards?

In Anki, you have to manually create hundreds of card decks one by one from a math problem book. Do you know how to solve this smartly?

This depends on your book of course, but you can try this add-on: Searching, PDF Reading & Note-Taking in Add Dialog - AnkiWeb

An automated and hassle-free solution may require some Python coding. Maybe this can be accomplished by using a PDF library (if the book is in PDF format) to extract all pages from the book and add cards for each page or something. This won’t be perfect and you may have to edit the resulting cards to remove irrelevant ones.

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Another way of doing this is to simply insert a screen shot (it’s even built-in into Windows :slight_smile:) into the front or back of the card instead of recreating the math formula by hand.

This made me think of Mathpix (a paid service). It converts screenshots into LaTeX syntax, usable for MathJax.

Might be helpful if you want notes of quality and use clozes.