Anki for the Lazies: Batch Add Cards by Images and More

I don’t know if these features are possible with Anki, if so please tell me as I haven’t had time to research all Anki add-ons and features. All suggestions welcome.

This is how I need Anki to do, for I am too lazy to add card-by-card:

  1. First I extract my PDFs on my Linux to jpegs:
    pdftoppm -jpeg espanol_si_libro_01.pdf ./espanol_si/libro_01
    This create one jpeg file for every page in that PDFs.

  2. For every jpeg, create one card that sort-able by the filename, I can do this page by page but it defeats the purpose of me being able to be lazy.
    Something like this, but automated!

  3. For each card, I can add various notes throughout the page. These notes are sub-cards and can be browse-able like normal cards, but they don’t duplicate my images. So im short, one image that has various notes, and those notes are cards. I found Image Occlusion add-on to be quite close, but there is no note-taking and no card-creating process.

Adding manually hundred of cards, each with separe images will kill me (24 volumes and thousand pages). I just want to take notes on interesting parts in each page, and get tested on them to solidify memory. I haven’t seen any flashcard software that can do this, maybe Anki is the way?

Batch script which copies the filenames with appropriate html image tags into a CSV and moving the images into the Anki media folder will do the trick. Just import the generated CSV (while allowing HTML for the image tags).

On the other hand, rather spend your time on learning (as in, creating quality cards) instead of spending much more time trying to memorise some hastily imported “Kauderwelsch”.

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