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Hey everyone! Does anyone know an add-on that generates notes automatically? The creation of cards is one of the most time-consuming task when using Anki, for me. I have pdfs that I’ve been converting to word and then creating the notes, one by one. I need a way to do this faster and spend more timestudying notes and less time creating them. I feel that the process of creation itself can bring learning, but I like more the learning through studying the cards.

Use the AnkiConnect addon.
All my production is done outside of Anki and goes through this addon.

This depends very much on the format of the sources you’re using. PDFs are notoriously hard to parse and extract formatted data from, but it maybe it can be done, again, depending on the files. If your PDF/Word files are not in some standard format that is readily understood by some add-on or program (like Anki itself), your only option could be to write your own add-on or have someone write one for you. If the files are formatted as question-answer pairs where the question is separated from the answer by some distinct symbol (like ?), then Anki’s native importing feature could work for you. See Importing - Anki Manual

Hey abdo! actually, I like transforming entire books/chapters in decks. I like to read the charter on Anki, only then I write a question/an idea in the front of the card - when creating the card, I put only “-” in the front, paragraph in the back. When I want to study the chapter, I go through the deck extracting the main idea/a question that matches with the paragraph I pasted in the back. I would like a tool to put all paragraphs at once and then start reading and writing the ideas/questions. Is there something you know, to make this usage easier? Or an oppinion about this method. I am an attorney and I study to become a judge. I have a huge amount of content to memorize and “just reading” feels like a waste of time. I know there isn’t a way to learn thousand of pages in little time. But I will be more motivated if I know that I am studying efficiently. I might take 4 years to learn these thousand of pages containing laws, theories and courts decisions. But I will spend this time feeling confident and motivated if I know I am studying in a way that will not let me forget what I’ve read. And reading, then summarizing, then creating questions/answers seem not to be an efficient way. Why should I “process” the texts I read into questions/answers if I can save time using the same text and creating only the questions? What do all these thoughts sound to you? Thank you!

I have not used any tool that does this, but I’ve seen Reddit posts about AI tools that automatically generate flashcards. Check them out, especially the first one:

I believe this processing step is crucial for forming meaningful memories. If you don’t encode information in some way, you will have a hard time memorizing them, even with spaced repetition. You can of course take the time to process the information somehow when you review them, and that could work, especially with things that depend heavily on memorization. But still, I think time you spend processing information actively and making flashcards manually is not time wasted, especially if your goal is long-term retention.

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Thank you for the suggestions! It’s such a big challenge I 'm facing in my studies, I appreciate all comments, I’m always thinking about how I’m dealing with my journey. Although I totally agree that it’s not a waste of time, I wonder if it is actually the most efficient way to effectively learn. Because if is effective, but takes longer than necessary, then I feel I need another method. But thank you, really, I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts. wish me luck hahaha :laughing:
@cjdduarte thank you as well, is there a tutorial on how to use ankiconnect?
Thank you guys!

@abdo there is another tool that would be useful for be: create flashcards as I browse through any website. Is there any? There is the possibility, of course, of putting on google sheets and downloading as tsv. Is there anything that makes it easier?

I put everything into Drafts ( ) and create Anki cards from Drafts on iOS: