DNS server error when trying to sync

Hello there!
We are using this amazing programme at our school, and today we have had to change our provider. The thing is that with its Internet connection Anki won’t sync, saying something about DNS (couldn’t connect). They couldn’t do anything as well, of course we will insist that they should establish everything properly, but maybe you have some ideas what the matter can be.

Actually, some other sites are blocked as well, which means this is completely a problem on their own. What site/server does the Anki use when syncing? It may be helpful.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you for patient reading.




From the manual

Anki needs to be able to make outbound HTTPS connections to sync. At a minimum it must be able to connect to ankiweb.net, sync.ankiweb.net and syncN.ankiweb.net, where N is number between 2 and 6.

Also some providers setup firewalls for you without asking, even on outgoing connections (yes, yes…). You should ask for it to be disabled (or, at the very least, adding an rule for Anki) if there is one.