Unable to sync to ankiweb or access the site ankiweb.net

I’ve been using anki for quite a while, both on the desktop app and on android, using the sync feature. However, from a past few days, I can’t sync anymore, nor access the site ankiweb [dot] net (connection refused).

I have noticed that this only happens when I try from my local network, meaning if I try from an other wifi I can sync, but when I try this at home, it doesn’t work…
All other (web)sites work like a charm (for example, forums [dot] ankiweb [dot] net).
When I try to connect through a proxy, there are no problem, so I wonder if I my ip has been blocked by the website since all this started the same day I tried a webcrawler I found on reddit that indexes all shared decks there were on ankiweb…

Tech info:

  • Phone: version 2.13.5 (latest available)/android.
  • Computer 1: version 2.1.8 (latest available through apt)/Debian 10.
  • Computer 2: version 2.1.35 (latest available)/Debian 10.
  • No ankiweb.net rule in the firewalls of both computers (iptables).
  • No proxy/provider doesn’t provide firewall.

EDIT: The problem has disappeared by itself. I don’t have any explanation, so if you have some, please let me know.

It appears the block was due to by crawling of the site, I have been temporarily blocked.