Difficulties with Note Type on Image Occlusion

Hi everyone,

After 6.5 hours of trying to figure out this issue through Google, YouTube, and friends…I’m throwing in the towel and asking for help here.

Your help is appreciated and I ask that you bear with me. Much like my user name suggests, I am still an Anki user in training.

So, here are the (2) issues:

(1) A friend of mine made a great card template (Organic Chemistry) that he shared with me which included additional fields that he added.

Excited to make my own cards using his template, I downloaded his deck. The excitement didn’t last long, because when I selected the “Organic Chemistry” note type, uploaded my desired image, added all desired occlusion masks, and published the cards, I found that none of the cards included the additional fields. All they had were the usual, default fields typically found on a basic image occlusion card.

What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I make my own cards using this template and be able to use and edit the additional fields?

(2) How do I adjust the image size on Image Occlusion?

I want to be able to adjust the image size on Image Occlusion after publishing a card. Sometimes when editing a card the card looks fine. No size changes needed. Then I publish it, look at it in the browser preview or while doing cards and…holy moly…it’s either gigantic or it’s tiny (usually gigantic).

I would love a way to be able to adjust the size of the image without messing up the masks. I tried resizing using Image Resizer, but then I have to perfectly adjust every mask and that’s just so time consuming.

I would like to save my eyes and not have enourmous IMAX cards.

Thank you for the help, everyone. And thank you for your patience. Still learning about Anki…hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to change my username and call myself AnkiJedi :+1:

as for the images size, you can press Edit on one of the card, then press Cards... in edit card window. and add img {width: 500px} in styling tab. (you can change 500 to whatever size you want - this would just change image size in reviewer, if you want to change image size in editor/browser i don’t know any way other that using image resizer)

for the fields not showing on cards, I see that you have changed Image Occlusion default field names, have you changed their names in card template too?
I have marked the parts that you probably have to change (if you haven’t already)

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I believe so. Please check below. It looks fine to me.

I don’t know how to make the script full screen like you did, so here’s a copy/paste of the front and back template:


{{hint::Reaction Name}}
{{Question Mask}}



{{Reaction Name}}
{{Answer Mask}}






can you give me a link to the note type so i could test it and see what’s wrong?

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I’m sorry. How do I do that?

you mentioned that you had downloaded that deck, you can give me the download link.
or you can create a deck that has some cards generated from that note type, export it then upload it and give me the link.

Got it. Thanks.


is this how it’s supposed to look like?

Yup. I have no problem viewing his cards, but when I try to make my own cards with my own chemistry reactions, I don’t get all of the additional fields specific to this card type (mechanism, notes, etc). I just get the plain, Image Occlusion fields (Remarks, Extra 1, etc.)

i think Image occlusion add-on will only generate cards from it’s default note type (Image Occlusion Enhanced)
if you want to use that template, you’ll probably have to edit the default note type. change it’s field name from Tools -> Image Occlusion Enhanced Options... and then copy front, styling and back from your Organic Chemistry and paste them in default Image Occlusion Enhanced note type.
(at least this is what i think :confused:, you can wait till the author (@glutanimate) responds and see if it’s the only way)

Edit: just confirmed, changing note type name is not possible

Things you can’t do

  • Rename the Image Occlusion Enhanced note type
    • if you rename the note type all cards with the renamed type will not be recognized by the add-on and will lose the ability to be edited
    • any new notes you create after renaming the note type will simply use a new Image Occlusion Enhanced note type
  • Delete the Image Occlusion Enhanced note type
    • This will delete all of your IO cards.
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Say I edit the default note type and I can successfully create my own IO cards in the “Organic Chemistry” style, and it works…that would mean that all other IO cards would be have those extra fields, right?

My concern is that if I edit the default note type, then when I want to make a “regular” IO card (without all the extra fields found in the Organic Chemistry style), then I wouldn’t be able to. I would have to edit the note type again. Am I thinking about this right?

I bounce between the field of organic chemistry and other subjects, so having one IO format wouldn’t work for me.

Re: Glutanimate’s info:


a way of keeping both note types would be:
keeping the default note type untouched, and changing note type for organic chemistry IOE cards after you created them from the default note type

haven’t tested it tho, imma test it now.

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Yeah. It’s just kind of weird to me that you can’t seem to share your note template for someone else to use.

I was really excited to get my friend’s cards because he spent quite a bit of time on it and I thought I was going to be able to save myself a few hours just by using his “template”, but…oof. Big L.

works, but every time you change note type, you’ll need to do a fulls sync

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sharing note types is possible, and you can use them. it’s just IOE that doesn’t support multiple note types (yet, i think)

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Can you lay it out for me? I’m confused where to click. Sorry.

I’m trying to edit the IOE for you so you could have 2 IOE add-ons, i’ll upload it for you once it’s done and has no conflict with the original.


You’re the real MVP. Thank you. :v:

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