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Hey Guys,

i want to design the following card and don’t really know where to start:

  • Anatomy picture with n numbers describing parts of the picture
  • Answers for every number
  • For each number a note is generated

Is there a simple way (e.g. card type) to do this without using basic cards copying the picture n times?
The Image Occlusion type is close to what i would need, but since i only have numbers on the picture i need to type out my answers.


I suggest you download the Closet add-on and then use this note type I made for you: [Forum] IO + Setlist Note Type - AnkiWeb

Don’t worry about the complex syntax in the field “cmds 0”. Its code generated by Closet to tell it how to place the rectangles - which you can add with Closet’s occlusion editor: turn it on by clicking on the button image or with Ctrl+O, then add rectangles (hold Alt to keep the same index on the next rectangle) and then right-click the image and hit “Accept occlusions”.


  1. Insert an image into the field “Image”
  2. Create the occlusions and accept them (you can always turn the occlusion editor back on to edit them later)
  3. Create an ordered list with your answers inside the field “Answer” with as many items as you got indices in your picture.

The sample note shows you how it’s done. You can create 20 cards max with the current setup, but you could easily increase it by adding more fields + card templates.

The backside of each generated card will only show you the list item that corresponds to the current card index. However, you can also reveal the full list on the backside for reference by clicking the image.




@kleinerpirat Wow :grinning: Thank you so much. That should work perfectly. The selection of numbers in the pictures is even more advanced than i thought. Is there a guide where i can learn how to create such card types myself?

Also: Will other people i share this deck with have to install the addons?

You’re welcome!

There’s this chapter in the official manual, which is a great starting point: Card Templates - Anki Manual

Then, you’ll probably want to learn CSS to style your cards. You can get pretty far with CSS alone, but if you need to alter the content of your cards in a dynamic way (with user input) you’ll also need a basic understanding of JavaScript, the front-end web dev programming language.

I can recommend the Mozilla web docs as a reference, Stackoverflow for programming questions and YouTube guides for the big picture. The best way to learn is to dive right into it and progress through trial and error :wink:

JavaScript is not officially supported by Anki, but here on the forum there are a lot of people who will still help you.

If you want to learn more about Closet, there’s an official support topic here in the forum, as well as a (partly outdated) YouTube tutorial by the author and a documentation website.

They won’t need the add-on to review your cards, because the Closet script will be exported as a media file with the deck. They only need to download the add-on if they want to create such cards themselves.

Thank you very much. I’ll read through the Anki Manual. Already have some programming under my belt :slight_smile:

Closed :wink:

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