Dope anatomy deck help

I am from Europe and new to anki and I started to study medicine and I would love to use anki, however, I know anyone who is using this app and could help me.

Anyways, I am using the Dope anatomy (as we have to learn latin naems) card deck, which has many cards with an Occluded Image diagram and multiple fields relating to different parts of the diagram.

I would need to creat some new cards of the same style. However, when I click on add new cars Type Image Occ. Enhanced-f1938 or any other none of them seems to be the same.

Could anyone navigate me, how to find our which Type of card he used and how can I use the same ?

Also every main card has subcard related to questions of origin, insertion, activation…do I have to make them separetely? Or is it all created in one main card ?


There seem to be different versions of this deck circulating online. The one I looked at had one note creating different cards. Please read about the background here: Getting Started - Anki Manual

Personally, I would create a simple image occlusion note type for my own needs instead of adding content to one of the often hyper complex and stuffed medical decks available online.