Question number labels stopped appearing in image cards

Can someone help with this issue I’m facing?

I’m using a Dope Anatomy deck where all the cards are basically pictures with number labels. Normally, when I review the card, the question number is provided on the top of the card so I would be able to identify which structure they are pointing to. However, recently I have encountered a problem where the card only presents the title of the card with no question number so I am unable to answer.

I have already tried updating Anki but it didn’t work.

Thank you in advance.

You should post the content of your card templates.

These are the templates. I think something went wrong when I was downloading new decks or add-ons and somehow the code changed. Then now the ID question doesn’t appear for cards like these.

Please post the templates as text so I can copy it and test it quickly. Make sure to format the text as code as explained in Forum Editor | Formatting Reference [Guide]

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I vaguely recall a similar template in the past where the deck author had used styling the rendered the text invisible against the background in either night mode or day mode. Maybe switching to night mode in the preferences will help.


<span id=title>[ ? ]</span> <hr>
<span id=question>What MUSCLE is being shown here at "1" ?</span> <br/>
<span id=title>[{{Title}} ]</span> <hr>
<span id=question>What is being shown here at "1" ?</span> <br/>


<span id=title>[{{Title}}]</span> <hr/>
<span id=answer>1: {{1a}} </span> <br/>
<span id=clinic>{{Clinical}}</span> <hr/>
<span id=comment>{{Comment}}</span>

Thank you for all your responses.

I’ve tried what dae had suggested and it works. I think the styling code changed when I downloaded the new deck and caused all my cards to switch font colours. Now, I have just switched the styling code for all the affected cards so the words are visible now.

Once again, thank you so much for your help!