Answers/Contents of the card is not shown

Hey everyone (recently started using anki)

I’ve been using this shared anki deck that I downloaded but whenever I use it:
-Shows the question but doesn’t show the answer on the back
-All the cards after the first problem is all blank [specific: ‘paper 2’ and ‘paper 3’]
Can anyone help me?

AQA A-Level physics (astro option) - AnkiWeb Here’s the deck

I checked the contents on the browse and it was all there, I’ve made sure to do everything else before coming here. [disable add-ons, restart, re-download, database…]

Not sure if this problem is just on my behalf

Sending this image in case someone recognises the way this is written perhaps being an add-on (can’t see the answer/back)

I have seen a post prior to this with the same problem but unfortunately the solution did not work (changing language and drive)

(Iam on MacBook Air)

This is MathJax with custom open/close tags ($ instead of \().

Anki uses \( and \) for inline equations, and \[ and \] for display equations.

It probably won’t affect this deck, but in general

Please avoid changing the standard open/close tags (\( and \[), as Anki expects them to look like that.

The card template is a bit old and contains a dinamycally loaded MathJax 2 library that break recent Anki builds with a built-in MathJax 3 support.

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'promise' of undefined
    at reviewer.js:46

43        .then(() => _runHook(onUpdateHook))
44        .then(() => 
45    // @ts-ignore wait for mathjax to ready
46    MathJax.startup.promise.then(() => {
47        // @ts-ignore clear MathJax buffer
48        MathJax.typesetClear();
49        // @ts-ignore typeset
50        return MathJax.typesetPromise(qa.slice(0, 1));
51    }))
52      // and reveal when processing is done
53      .then(() => new Promise((resolve) => qa.fadeTo(fadeTime, 1, () => resolve())))
54      .then(() => _runHook(onShownHook))

To fix it, there’s no need to dynamically load MathJax 2 anymore, but it’s necessary to convert configuration for MathJax 2 to MathJax 3.

In short, click the Cards... button and replace the Front Template with the following code.


  MathJax.config.tex.inlineMath = [['$','$']];
  MathJax.config.tex.displayMath = [['$$','$$']];

There might be no difference in the preview screen, it might be still blank, but once you close the card template window and open it again or go back to the main window, everything should be fixed.


This works
and thank you as you have saved me a headache from revising for my exams!