[Bug] Template disappears on each Basic MathJax card

Hi there,

I was wondering if anybody could help me solve this issue as a lot of my flashcards involve MathsJax for physics equations - however when I use them it just appears blank, screenshots provided to help.

This is how it looks when I am trying to utilise my flashcards which use MathsJax:

If anybody could help I’d really appreciate it, just trying to revise out here!

Can you post the text of your back template? I see you’re including a script for MathJax 2.7.1. It’s probably conflicting with the MathJax 3 scripts included by Anki.

Sorry for the late reply haven’t been on here, but ill show one of the back templates for another one of my cards that is having the same issue - and the front template to help.

I removed the script for MathJax 2.7.1: this is how it is without it.

Are you using Anki’s MathJax syntax?

You need to wrap equations either with \(\) for inline formulae or \[\] for blocks.

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Okay thank you I’ll try that now

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