The front of this card is blank More information on Image occusion cards

Please I wonder If anyone can help me. Ive got my med school finals in 6 weeks and really panicked because I have 2000 image occlusion cards missing saying the front of them he card is missing but when I select the cards and follow instructions all the information is there. I realise there are other threads about this problem but none seem to relate to image occlusion. I have attached some photos of what I cab see when I select empty cards.

I would be so grateful for any help.

You appear to have accidentally changed the notetype. See the second review on Image Occlusion Enhanced - AnkiWeb for how you can restore the defaults, and then you can select your cards and use Notes>Change Notetype to move them to the new notetype.

Thank you so much, I have tried that now it doesn’t seem to work. I have done all steps and the steps on the wiki document. Is there any way you could help me

I’m not sure what you’ve done there, but an alternative fix would be to click on Cards… while editing one problem card, then paste this into the empty front section and then save.

<div id="io-header">{{Header}}</div>
<div id="io-wrapper">
  <div id="io-overlay">{{Question Mask}}</div>
  <div id="io-original">{{Image}}</div>
<div id="io-footer">{{Footer}}</div>

// Prevent original image from loading before mask
aFade = 50, qFade = 0;
var mask = document.querySelector('#io-overlay>img');
function loaded() {
    var original = document.querySelector('#io-original'); = "visible";
if (mask === null || mask.complete) {
} else {
    mask.addEventListener('load', loaded);