Recovering deleted Fields and editing fields for "blank" error

EDIT: I was able to restore my image occlusion cards by downloading my collection from anki web as cqg recommended; please ignore my original question in quotes below. I still have not been able to figure out what I need to edit or how in order to remedy the “front of this card is blank” error. The error directs to this page, which has not been helpful for me: "The front of this card is blank" / Card Appearance / Knowledge Base - AnkiMobile/AnkiWeb Support
Any pointers?

I received an error message that said “The front of this card is blank.” In attempting to fix it, I tried to add/change the HTML text in the front template and accidentally deleted all of the text. Now all my image occlusion cards say “The front of this card is blank.”

How can I get my IO cards back to displaying correctly?

If downloading your collection from ankiweb doesn’t help, try restoring an automatic local backup:


Thank you! I was able to get them back by downloading the collection from anki web.

You can use Tools>Empty Cards in the main screen to clean up empty cards (eg ones where you haven’t put an image in them)

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Thank you! Quick and easy fix :slight_smile: