Desperately in need of help!

Hey guys,
I’m a complete newbie to anki and I messed around with the settings (I can’t remember which ones) and now it has screwed my reviews!
I was originally on the big standard default settings on anki 2.1.6.
My problem is as follows;
Before I fiddled with the settings, I was able to hit the “hard” or “again” buttons and the cards would appear in the SAME review (without finishing the deck and waiting - no cool-down) as many times as I needed to get the card right.
Now when I press the “hard” or “again” buttons, the number of cards in the deck decreases and essentially acts like an “easy” or “good” button, then between 1-10mins later I am able to review the cards IN A SEPARATE REVIEW.
How do I reset the anki back to the beautiful default settings I had before?

This is the window that pops up when I complete the deck

I’d really appreciate it if someone could get back to me ASAP, as anki is my favourite part and has actually made me enjoy studying!
Please help!
Thank you :slight_smile:

See this post below to have a general understanding for Anki

Tools → preferences → Review → Learn ahead limit

About → Profiles → Add (the new profile will have default settings)

If you share your deck settings, we might be able to give more specific help:

Click the gear:

Click Options:

The behavior might be related to the “learn ahead limit” in general preferences, explained here:

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