Anki button malfunction

I downloaded some add ons from AnKing and I am not sure if that is the issue but my buttons for easy, good and hard are all stuck on 1 hour no matter how much I toggle my settings
Please help I have an exam in a week!

Please post screenshots of your deck options. Also, following the steps in When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions could help.


A screenshot of a card with the answer buttons shown would be good too.

All decks are using the same settings and this is what two differe t ones say

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The screenshots do not match the problem as you originally described it. If you are asking why you’re seeing 18h, please see the description of Hard on Studying - Anki Manual. Please also bear in mind that if you change the learning steps while cards are already in learning, Anki may repeat a step or skip a step on the next review.