Again button and timings not working

I seem to be having multiple issues with Anki. When opening it up it is saying I have studied a certain number of cards already (when I haven’t studied any that day) and then halfway through the day it will reset an say I have studied none.
Also the ‘again’ button isn’t working. When I click again it is behaving as though I clicked easy and is not repeating at all.

Any help would be appreciated!

In the Preferences screen, please check that “next day starts at” is set to 4(am).

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Thank you!

This seems to have solved the timings issue. Anyone have any suggestions for the again button not working? x

I can’t see anything in your deck options that would cause that. If you find it happens again, please search for one of the cards that hasn’t come back in the Browse screen, and use Cards>Info - it should show the Again review you did, and the time the card was scheduled for.

Did you ever find anything that fixed this? I’m having the same problem. Also some of my cards are stuck in learning and no matter how many times I press ‘good’ they stay in learning.