Desired retention/intervals not matching, 23.10.1 on Mac and 23.10 on mobile

As the (unfortunately long) title states:

I’ve been using 23.10.1 on Mac, and for a particular deck I have seen fit to use a desired retention rate of 0.98 (I know the trade-offs, and am making it willingly).

However, if I try to review the same cards, in the same deck, on mobile, the intervals are always longer than they would be for the exact same card on desktop.

Under a suspicion I tested this out and I believe I have come to the conclusion that, while 23.10.1 allows for retention rates greater than 0.97, the mobile version seems to max out at 0.97 regardless of what my desktop settings are. The end result being that the mobile version seems unable to manage intervals for a desired retention rate above 0.97, and hence causing some confusion.

Wanted to note this here just in case it had not yet been noticed or communicated.

The limits were relaxed after the last AnkiMobile release. A new build with the latest FSRS code is currently in beta testing and expected to be sent to Apple in a few days.

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