Interval Modifier Not Applying Correctly


I’m having trouble with the interval modifier not applying on AnkiMobile version 2.0.76 (20076.2) on iOS 14.6. I use both desktop and mobile, and the days to review intervals are correct on desktop but are inconsistent and not calculating correctly on AnkiMobile. What’s weird is that they are showing correctly on the buttons, e.g. it says “12d” for “Good”, but then the next review date is not in 12 days time, but in 7 days.

I have read and understand the manual to the best of my knowledge, and know that this isn’t just a cause of the randomised number that is applied when calculating intervals. This has been happening consistently for the past week and I have only just noticed.

Below are two examples, I have more I can show, but this happens every time without fail. My settings are: starting ease 131%, interval modifier 191%, and I have checked to make sure that they are correctly applied on both desktop and mobile. Today is the 18th of July.

For this card the previous interval was 6 days. You can see that on desktop (left), the Good interval is 15 days (= 6d * 131% * 191%), and when I press good, it is correctly scheduled for 15 days time. But on mobile (right), the Good interval is 14 days, but then after I press Good it is incorrectly scheduled for 9 days (= 6d * 131% * 100%) time.

Here the previous interval was 7 days. Again, the Good interval is 17 days (= 7d * 131% * 191%), and when I press good, it is scheduled for 16 days time. But on mobile, the Good interval is also 17 days, but then after I press Good it is instead scheduled for only 11 days time.

Can anyone help me with this issue? There is a good chance I just have a mobile setting incorrectly applied, so would love any advice :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report, this should be fixed in the next update. For an immediate fix, you might want to consider trying the v3 scheduler, as it does not suffer from this problem: The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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