Due date and Interval not matching

As shown in the image, the interval is 12 days but due date is only 1 day after the review date.

I can’t find an explanation for this. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

You appear to be using the old scheduler still, and the fact that it schedules review intervals at the start of a relapse is one possible explanation. I’d recommend updating, and then seeing if you experience the issue again on future reviews. The Anki 2.1 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for the reply.

My Ankimobile version is 2.0.74. That’s the one that the App store shows.

And I can’t find any update button in the Preferences or Deck list as I read in the update instructions.

How can I update to the new scheduler?


2.0.75 is still in beta testing at the moment. You can perform the upgrade using the computer version of Anki, and then sync the changes back to your phone.