How to change learn intervals on ankimobile?

On my laptop, a forgotten card that I am learning will have a “good” interval of 1 day and an “easy” interval of 2 days. However, on my mobile app, the forgotten card has a “good” interval of 1 day and an “easy” interval of 1 day as well. how do i sync or manually edit the settings so that the “easy” interval on my mobile app is 2 days for any card i am relearning?

this is what i see on my laptop: Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 6.32.44 PM.png - Google Drive

vs what i see on my phone: IMG_7317.PNG - Google Drive

I’d intended to address this in the previous update, but it fell off my radar. The bonus 1 day will be in the next update. In the mean time, you might want to consider trying the v3 scheduler, which should already include this. The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

omg thank you so much!! this fixed my issue and it was bothering me all day haha, appreciate it :slight_smile: