Error interval appearances

Hi Everyone,

I have set my learning steps as below, 2h, 18h, 36h

And after some steps it may appear as below

But these days, if I select 2-Hard-2d, it just keep repeatedly appearing, even within 1 day time.
For example, on 5-28 10:13 I selected 3, the interval should be 2 days, somehow it is appearing as 1.5 days, but still it is showing up within 1 day at 5-29 9:53.
And now I just keep reviewing the same cards even though I am already familiar with.

Could you please kindly help me look into this issue and solve it. Great thanks.

Please try updating to the v3 scheduler.

Hi Dae,

Thank you for your prompt response, but I do not know how to code and do now know how to install the V3 scheduler.

I just upgraded my Anki desktop about months ago in 2023, should it be V3 schedular already? Furthermore, I have just upgraded today again to Version ⁨2.1.64.

Appreciate you kind support.

Thanks and best regards,

You can enable it in Anki’s preferences screen. Both the computer version and AnkiMobile support it once you turn it on.

Dear Dae,

Thank you so much for your explanation. Problem now solved.

Appreciate your great support and have a great weekend.

Thanks and best regards,

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