Bug with short intervals in Anki 2.1 scheduler?

I use Anki on my windows PC, MacBook and iPhone and have recently updated to the V2 scheduler, primarily to study sub-decks in a random order when using the main deck. Both on my PC at home and my Mac I noticed that the intervals were behaving weird on new cards. I made a new empty deck to test this. My settings for the steps are set to 1 10 60 and I can study 20 minutes ahead. This means I can press 10 minutes and then I can immediately “restudy” the card and press 1 hour. This gives me the following message: “The next learning card will be ready in ⁨⁨2⁩ hours⁩”.

This doesn’t seem right and it’s not just a visual bug because I can’t study it unless I put the Learn ahead limit on 70 minutes. I experimented with the newly added Hard button which, to my understanding, sets an interval that is the mean of Again and Good and does not proceed to the next step. When I get the 1 hour option it says 30.5 on the Hard button, but when I press it I get: “The next learning card will be ready in ⁨⁨1⁩ hour”.

It also happens when you press again and have to re-learn a card. It does not happen with days, i.e. an interval that says 1 day has not become an interval of 2 days.

I can reproduce this while I am on my Mac writing this. I can check my PC later again if you want to. The interesting thing is that this doesn’t happen on my iPhone. Both my PC and MacBook have the latest stable version of Anki 2.1.31.

Honestly I don’t really need the V2 scheduler but really want to be able to mix my cards in an easy way. Like I said, I just updated so maybe it’s only in the last version or something. Ask me if you want more information, I hope it helps.

By the way, when I tried to turn off the scheduler on my PC all the review cards from that day disappeared. I didn’t really have time to properly look into this but there were no cards in Browse to be reviewed that day. I just re-downloaded the old version from AnkiWeb so it wasn’t a big problem. This did not happen on my Mac and maybe a restart of Anki on windows would have fixed it.

I think the scheduling is probably fine here and it’s likely just an issue with the message, which was introduced fairly recently. Thank you for the report, I will look into it.

Yep - the collapse time was being added instead of subtracted in the message.

Sorry for not being able to reply faster. I just wanted to thank you for the time you put into this!