iOS tts speed slower than MacOS tts speed

I’m currently using the AnKing note type which has tts speed set to 1.5 that I set in the add-on menu. This is the preferred sped when I am using Anki on my mac. However, when reviewing cards on mobile, the playback is actually much slower (even though it is still set to 1.5). I find that I need to manually set it to something like 2.3 in the note type code to get a similar on mobile.

Is there any reason for the speed difference? Would it be possible to set a mobile speed and desktop speed in the note template?

I appreciate any possible solutions or advice.

I had another user report this a couple of days ago. I suspect iOS may have tweaked the way the rate is applied which has made this worse. If you’d like, I can send you a message when a beta with a fix is available.

That would be great. Thank you!

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