Decks don't download nor are they in AnkiWeb

Hi! I am not an Anki expert so please bear with me. I have been using Anki for the past couple of years or so. The last time I used the desktop app on Windows was literally months ago. I make sure to sync my decks as well. So, to the problem. I got a new computer (Mac) and downloaded Anki and tried to download my decks. After a couple of attempts in doing so, I thought I finally downloaded my decks. In the media sync log, the last things I see are:

Tue Jan 18 18:48:24 2022: Added: ⁨0⁩↑ ⁨34629⁩↓, Removed: ⁨0⁩↑ ⁨0⁩↓, Checked: ⁨34749⁩
Tue Jan 18 18:48:25 2022: Media sync complete.

But the decks aren’t in Anki. Nor are they in AnkiWeb (which is also strange). When I go to Tools > Check Media, I see a ton of images that belonged to my previous decks, but alas the decks didn’t download?

What went wrong and what can I do? Is there also a way to somehow get my add-ons (do they sync also or no?) or the custom card templates that I made (don’t know if they sync as well, but I have made cards using this template; i just forgot how i made the template :’( ). I am nowhere near my old computer, so do I have to start off from scratch?

One case that anki will only download media but not decks is all decks have been deleted before upload to ankiweb

Media syncing is independent of cards. I’m afraid it appears you may have uploaded a blank collection to AnkiWeb. There appears to be an old backup on AnkiWeb available; if you would like your current AnkiWeb collection overwritten with it, please confirm on

do you know how i would get the old backup?

By confirming you want me to overwrite your AnkiWeb collection on the link above.

the link shows me this. i’m not sure where to go to confirm the overwriting :confused:

I think you just need to create a thread there, asking for your collection to be overwritten with an old backup by @dae. I believe this is to ensure that your account is really yours.

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